The Best Grain For Sale Company "GUT SAMEN"

is pleased to offer the best quality grain for feed / feedstuff or animal sectors.

We deliver both certified organic grain and conventional grain with care. Constant dedication to providing products of excellent quality is one of the key elements of our success.



Our offer of conventional grain is wide and includes all types of grain. You can ask us about conventional oats, rye, triticale, barley and wheat. The grain is taken from trusted farmers who have cooperated with us for many years.


Do not hesitate to ask us about bio/organic grain. We supply the highest quality of organic grain from our trusted organic farmers. Our offer of bio/organic grain is also vast. Bio lupine, bio oats, rye, triticale and bio wheat are also included.


Our grain is certified, and we prioritize the quality of raw material from our trusted producers, be it conventional or organic grain. Each longstanding producer we collaborate with possesses valid certificates for their products.


feed plants

We invite representatives from all sectors related to animal production, including the production of feed based on natural ingredients. We are eager to collaborate with farmers, agricultural farms, and small holdings. Industries associated with animals interested in cooperation with GutSamen are also welcome. Our company complies with all required European standards, including holding the GMP+ B3 certification (for international trade).

Questions? We are here to help!

Do you comply with all EU regulations in the grain supply process?

Yes, we have been delivering our best-quality grain to countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and more. The Gut Samen company holds a special grain transportation certificate GMP + B4 and for EU trade GMP + B3.

What forms of transport do you provide?

Truck/lorry where the maximum amount is 25 tons.

What is the minimum order I can make?

As we function in the wholesale grain sector the minimum order is 25 tons which constitutes one truck/lorry.

How can I ask about the price?

Contact us by phone, mail, or use the contact form at the bottom. Ask us about the products you want and we will prepare a relevant quotation based on the current grain market, amount, and place of delivery. We provide transport and insurance to countries within Europe such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, and Germany.

Can I organise my own transport, and pick my order up?

Yes, it is possible to agree on a destination to pick up the goods in Poland. For this, use the contact form below.

Are there any checks performed while loading the grain?

Two employees carefully check the truck/lorry loading process. Thanks to this we have never had any returns.

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We can be trusted!

GUT SAMEN company is registered in Poland and its full name is LESZEK WALĘCIUK GUT SAMEN. The company is registered in the public CEIDG registry of trusted companies and has the European VAT NUMBER. More details can be seen in public catalogues of active Polish companies, click on this link to open an exemplary one.

The company functions in the area of the wholesale grain trade and grain for feed or production of animal feed. GUT SAMEN has been on the EU market for more than 5 years.

GUT SAMEN’s development in the grain industry is unstoppable as we want to develop and provide better and better quality, raw materials and increase the number of our business partners.


Than 5 years of experience

Constant Development

The Quality Increases

More and More Deliveries

We provide a diverse selection of raw materials and products primarily intended for animal feed applications. Our comprehensive range caters to a wide variety of customers, including agricultural farms, feed processing plants, poultry and livestock farms, as well as grain mills.

Local produce

We closely cooperate with conventional and organic farmers from Poland. Organic grain production is supervised by the right bodies. You can request us to show a document confirming a high-quality organic product from one out of many of the trusted farmers that we trade with.

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GMP + B3 (certification for international trade)
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